Political expenditure caps

The funding and disclosure scheme was introduced into the Electoral Act 1985 on 1 July 2015. One aspect of that scheme is the provision of public funding to candidates, groups and registered political parties who agree to be bound to political expenditure caps during election campaign periods.

To take part in the scheme participants must provide the Electoral Commissioner with a certificate under section 130Y of the Electoral Act 1985. These certificates can be due at different times for different participants but for current unendorsed members and registered political parties they must be lodged 24 months before a general election. Consequently, these certificates were required by 17 March 2016.

The next due date for certificates is 1 July 2017 for previously unsuccessful unendorsed candidates who wish to nominate for the general election in 2018. Other intending unendorsed candidates and groups should seek advice on the due date for lodging their certificate. If the Electoral Commissioner approves the registration of a new party they will have 30 days to lodge their certificate to be eligible for funding for the next general election.









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