Resources for council candidates

Thinking about nominating for a council position? The Local Government Association of South Australia has prepared a guide with information about the role of local government and councillors:

Make a difference nominate for council (PDF 17.4 MB)

Decided to nominate for a council position? ECSA‘s Candidate’s Handbook will guide you through each stage of the nomination and election process and assist you to comply with all requirements:
LG20 Candidate Handbook  (PDF 2 MB)

You are also encouraged to watch the following video, which complements the Candidate’s Handbook:


The rules that govern Council elections are set out in the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999: 
Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 and Regs 

The City of Adelaide Act 1998 contains special election provisions for the
Adelaide City Council in Schedule 1: City of Adelaide Act 1998

Both those Acts and the Local Government Act 1999 should be read as if they are a single Act. 
Local Government Act 1999

2018 LGA Candidate profile and candidate statement (PDF 1.19 MB)

You are eligible to nominate if:

  • you are an Australian citizen or have held office as a member of a Council at any time between 5 May 1997 and 1 January 2000;

and as at roll close:

  • are an elector for the council area, or
  • are the designated person of a body corporate or a group either of which has its name on the council voters roll (you must be an officer of the body corporate or a member of the group or an officer of a body corporate that is a member of the group), or
  • your name has been omitted in error from the council voters roll or you are the designated person of a body corporate or a group which has had its name omitted in error from the council voters roll and you would otherwise be eligible for nomination.

A body corporate or group can only nominate their designated person to stand as a candidate for an election.

Note: eligible candidates cannot;

  • nominate for more than one position on a council, or
  • nominate for election to more than one council,
  • be a candidate at a supplementary election if you are a member of another council.

In the event of multiple nominations, all nominations are void at the time of close of nominations.

Please contact your Council for information regarding the nominations process. 

You cannot nominate if you:

  • are a member of an Australian Parliament (including any State or Territory Parliament)
  • are an undischarged bankrupt or benefiting from law for the relief of insolvent debtors
  • are an employee of the council
  • are disqualified from election by court order under the Local Government Act 1999 (external link)
  • have been sentenced to imprisonment and are, or could become, liable to serve the sentence or the remainder of the sentence.

The Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 requires all electoral material to be authorised and prohibits the publication of material that is inaccurate or misleading. 

Electoral material is any advertisement, notice, statement or representation calculated to affect the result of an election or poll. 

All electoral material must be authorised and contain the name and address of:

  • the person authorising its publication and
  • in the case of printed material, the name and address of the printer or person who takes responsibility for its production.  

All Social Media profiles, pages or groups used to campaign must be authorised in the ‘about’ page. 

Any posts, photos or videos published or shared on Social Media must also contain an authorisation statement within the post, photo or video. 

If a link to electoral material you have authored is shared, this material as well as the post must each contain an authorisation statement. 

Comments and replies including those on a post authored by a third party must also be authorised.  


An exception exists where a character limit applies (for example a tweet) where any authorisation would exceed this limit.  Where a character limit applies ensure that the profile or page publishing the electoral material is authorised in the ‘about’ section and any photos or videos shared are authorised within the photo or video.  

To appoint a scrutineer, you must complete the approved form, and hand it to the Deputy Returning Officer or Electoral Officer in charge of the proceedings at the preliminary scrutiny or counting centre.

Note that:

  • a candidate may appoint one or more scrutineers, however only two may be present at the same time during the counting of votes
  • a candidate in an election for the council (including a candidate who has already been declared elected) is not eligible for appointment as a scrutineer.
LG2 Campaign Donations Return (PDF 548 kB)
LG3 Nomination Form Elector (PDF 575 kB) 
LG4 Nomination Form Body Corporate (PDF 577 kB)
LG5 Nomination Form Group (PDF 578 kB)
LG6 Omission in error from the roll Candidate (PDF 577 kB) 
LG7 Withdrawal of nomination Candidate (PDF 507 kB)
LG8 Withdrawal of nomination Body Corporate or Group (PDF 533 kB)
LG9 Legislative Framework relating to electoral material and illegal practices (PDF 250 kB)
LG10 Postal Voting Guide (PDF 2.60 MB) 
LG11 Omission in error from the roll elector (PDF 545 kB) 
LG12 Request for Re-issue (PDF 523 kB) 
LG13 Requirements for profile and photograph brochure (PDF 3.26 MB) 
LG14 Scrutineers Brochure (PDF 626 kB)
LG15 Scrutineer Authority Form (PDF 544 kB)
LG20 Candidate Handbook (PDF 1.97 MB) 
LG32 City of Adelaide Campaign Expenditure Return (PDF 573 kB) 
LG33 City of Adelaide Nomination Form Elector in own Right (PDF 587 kB) 
LG34 City of Adelaide Nomination Form Body Corporate (PDF 591 kB) 
LG35 City of Adelaide Nomination Form Group (PDF 591 kB) 
LG36 City of Adelaide Omission in error from the roll Candidate (PDF 551 kB) 
LG37 City of Adelaide Withdrawal of nomination Candidate (PDF 543 kB) 
LG38 City of Adelaide withdrawal of nomimation Body Corporate or Group (PDF 544 kB) 
LG39 City of Adelaide Illegal Practices (PDF 287 kB) 
LG40 City of Adelaide Postal Voting Guide (PDF 2.65 MB) 
LG41 City of Adelaide Omission in error from the roll Elector (PDF 553 kB) 
LG42 City of Adelaide Request for reissue form (PDF 547 kB) 
LG44 Candidate Handbook (PDF 1.78 MB)

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