Funding and disclosure forms

Forms which relate to funding and disclosure provisions in Part 13A of the Electoral Act 1985 are available to download below.

If you cannot locate or download a form, please contact the Funding, Disclosure and Registration Branch on 7424 7400.

Agent Appointment or Cessation - Candidate (PDF 143 kB)
Agent Appointment or Cessation - Group (PDF 147 kB)
Agent Appointment or Cessation - Registered Political Party (PDF 145 kB)
Agent Appointment or Cessation - Third Party (PDF 143 kB)
Annual Political Expenditure Return (PDF 176 kB)
Application for Waiver of Audit Certificate (PDF 106 kB)
Audit Certificate (PDF 287 kB)
Donor Return - Gifts or Loans to Candidate or Group (PDF 240 kB)
Donor Return - Gifts to Relevant Entities (PDF 233 kB)
Notice of Inability to Complete Return (PDF 113 kB)
Notice of Resignation as Agent (PDF 125 kB) 
Request to Amend Return (PDF 101 kB)
Section 130Y Certificate - Registered Political Party (PDF 129 kB)
Section 130Y Certificate - Unendorsed Candidates and Groups (PDF 130 kB)
Special Return for Large Gift (PDF 113 kB)