The links below provide information for intending candidates about funding and disclosure.

If this is not what you are looking for, visit our Funding and disclosure for State elections page to find information that is relevant to you.

Members of Parliament

If you are currently a Member of Parliament and intend to stand for re-election, the funding and disclosure information relevant to you is available at either of the following pages:

Other candidates

Information for all other candidates is available via the links the below.

What would you like to do?

Are you a new candidate?

Reporting periods for funding and disclosure differ depending on whether or not you are a new candidate.

You are not a new candidate if you have previously been a candidate in an election for:

  • the House of Assembly any time in the past five years or
  • the Legislative Council any time in the past nine years.

If you have been a candidate before, but not in the past five years for the House of Assembly, and not in the past nine years for the Legislative Council, you are a new candidate according to section 130ZF(5)(b) of the Electoral Act 1985.

If you have never previously nominated for election to the Parliament of South Australia, you are a new candidate.

Refer to our Obligations of a candidate page to find the disclosure period that applies to you.


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