House of Assembly nominations

House of Assembly candidates can stand as:

  • independent (unendorsed) candidates, or
  • party endorsed candidates.

Below is a description of how candidates nominated at the 2014 State election. This process may change before the 2018 State election. For more information see the 2014 State election House of Assembly candidate guide - RO16 (PDF 526 kB). Forms and guides for the next State election will not be available until 2018.

Independent (unendorsed) candidates

Independent (unendorsed) candidates must be nominated by at least 20 persons who are enrolled and qualified to vote for the district you are intending to contest at roll close for the relevant election.

Nominations must be accompanied by a deposit of $3,000 in cash or banker's cheque made payable to the Electoral Commission of South Australia.

To nominate you must lodge the following with the Returning Officer for the district you are proposing to contest:

  • a completed nomination form, and
  • the details and signatures of at least 20 nominators who are electors, and
  • a $3,000 deposit.

Registered party endorsed candidates

To nominate as a registered party endorsed candidate, complete a nomination form and return it to your party's registered officer at least four days before the close of nominations.

The registered officer of a registered political party may then lodge directly with the Electoral Commission SA.

Registered officers must submit the following to the Electoral Commission SA, no later than the date set for close of nominations in the Writs:

  • all of the party's nomination forms, and
  • a deposit of $3,000 in cash or banker's cheque for each candidate nominated.