Register of political parties

A full list of registered political parties for South Australia, as of 5 February 2015, is available below.

Name of Registered Political Party  Date of Registration  Abbreviation of Party Name  Party Contested General Election
      2010 2014

Australian Labor Party (South Australian Branch)
- Country Labor Party



Australian Labor Party

- Country Labor





Liberal Party of Australia (SA Division) 17.10.1985 Liberal Party Yes Yes
National Party of Australia (SA) Inc 17.10.1985 The Nationals Yes Yes
Australian Greens SA 13.02.1996

Australian Greens
The Greens

Yes Yes
Family First Party 19.07.2001   Yes Yes
Freedom, Rights, Environment, Educate Australia Party 19.03.2009 F.R.E.E. Australia Party Yes Yes
Dignity for Disability 19.11.2009 D4D Yes Yes
South Australian Fishing & Lifestyle Party 24.02.2011 SAFLP n/a Yes
Liberal Democratic Party 31.05.2011 Liberal Democrats n/a Yes
Multicultural Progress Party 03.05.2012 Multicultural Party n/a Yes
Stop Population Growth Now Party 11.04.2013 Stop Population Growth Now n/a Yes
Shooters and Fishers Party SA 07.11.2013 SFP SA n/a Yes