District Council of Mount Remarkable - Councillor Willochra Ward

Due to the resignation of a member of council, a supplementary election is necessary to fill the vacancy for Councillor for Willochra Ward.


Event Date
Roll close 5pm, Monday 30 September 2019
Opening of nominations Thursday 24 October 2019
Nominations close 12 noon, Thursday 7 November 2019
Dispatch of ballot material to electors Tuesday 19 November 2019 to Monday 25 November 2019
Close of voting (Polling Day) 12 noon, Monday 9 December 2019
Scrutiny and Count 1.30pm, Tuesday 10 December 2019

Nominations received

View a draw for the order on the ballot paper (7 November)

At the close of nominations at 12 noon on Thursday 7 November 2019 the following people were accepted as candidates and are listed in the order in which they will appear on the ballot paper.

Click on the candidate's name to view their profile.



Close of roll

The voters roll for this supplementary election closed at 5pm on Monday 30 September 2019. It is now too late to enrol or update your details for this supplementary election.

If you are already on the state electoral roll (in your council area) and vote in state elections, you are automatically included on the council voters roll and will receive ballot papers through the post. You can check if you are on the state electoral roll online at the Australian Electoral Commission (external link).

If you do not appear on the roll and are an Australian citizen aged 18 or over you should enrol immediately online at the Australian Electoral Commission (external link) so you can vote in future elections.

If you are an Australian citizen age 18 years or over and have lived at your address for more than one month you are required by law to keep your details on the electoral roll correct and up to date.

To learn more about who is eligible to vote in council elections visit our enrol for council elections page.

Mail out of voting material

Voting material will be mailed to electors between Tuesday 19 November 2019 and Monday 25 November 2019. To be accepted, ballot papers must be completed and returned no later than 12 noon, Monday 9 December 2019.

A ballot box will be located at the Council Office for electors who wish to personally deliver their completed voting material during office hours.

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