An electoral district is an area of a given size and population that elects members to a legislative body, such as a parliament or council. Other common terms for an electoral district are constituency, electorate, or in some cases at local level - ward. In elections to the federal House of Representatives, electoral districts are called divisions.

Legislative Council

At South Australian parliamentary elections, the entire state forms one electoral district called the Legislative Council.

Every 4 years, electors across the state elect 11 members of the Legislative Council who represent all South Australians for an 8-year term. 

House of Assembly

For the House of Assembly, the state is divided into 47 electoral districts of varying geographical sizes.

Every 4 years, electors from each electoral district elect a single member who will represent them and their district in parliament for a 4-year term.

The boundaries of the House of Assembly electoral districts need to change periodically to reflect demographic changes in the state and to maintain populations of relatively equal size. 

More information

Find your district on our interactive boundaries map. The map shows current House of Assembly electoral districts, and for comparison, the districts used previously.

For information about changes to electoral boundaries in South Australia, visit our state electoral boundaries page.

You can also download a map of your electoral district or view its profile using one of the following links: