To register a political party in South Australia it must be either:

  • a parliamentary party (a political party relying on a member of parliament for eligibility); or
  • a political party whose membership includes 200 members who are on the electoral roll.

To be eligible to register as a parliamentary party in South Australia, it must have either:

  • a member of parliament, which includes any member of the Parliament of South Australia; or
  • a Senator for the State of South Australia; or
  • a member of the House of Representatives chosen in the state of South Australia

An application for registration must be made in writing to the Electoral Commissioner of South Australia and must include:

  • the name of the party and any proposed abbreviation; and
  • the name, contact details and signature of the registered officer and party contact details; and
  • the constitution of the party; and
  • a $500 application fee (non refundable).

If the party is not a parliamentary party, the application must include:

  • a document that sets out the names and addresses (as enrolled) of 200 electors who are members of the party on whom the party relies for the purpose of qualifying as an eligible political party; and
  • declarations of membership (in the form determined by the Electoral Commissioner) completed and signed by the 200 members on whom the party relies for the purpose of qualifying as an eligible political party.

Download the application for the registration of a political party (PDF, 170KB).

For the full instructions and conditions on registering political parties see Part 6 of the Electoral Act 1985.

A registered political party has disclosure obligations under Part 13A of the Electoral Act. Visit our registered political parties page for more information.