State Government and council decisions influence many aspects of our daily life. Voting at elections provides an opportunity to actively participate in the democratic process by making a choice in how your State and community is run.

State elections

The next State election will be held on 17 March 2018. Voting at State elections is compulsory.

You can prepare for the upcoming State election:

  • See our enrolment section for instructions on enrolling, checking your details, and changing your details
  • See our voting section for information about how, when, and where to vote at the State election
  • See our electoral boundaries section if you would like to learn more about your electoral district
  • See our State election results page for previous election reports and statistics

In order for a State election or a by-election to be held, a Writ must be issued.


A by-election is held when a seat in the House of Assembly of the South Australian Parliament becomes vacant. A by-election can occur at any time, so it is important to keep your name and address up to date on the electoral roll.

If a by-election is held in the electoral district in which you are enrolled, it is compulsory to vote.

See our by-elections page for more information.

Council elections

You can find more information about the next periodic council elections, to be held in November 2018, on our council elections page.

If you are on the electoral roll to vote for the House of Assembly in South Australian elections, then you will be automatically enrolled to vote at council elections.

Visit our previous council election results page to see supplementary and periodic election results.

Learn more about your council. See our council links page to find your council's website.

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