It is compulsory for all eligible Australian citizens to enrol for federal, state or territory, and local government (council) elections. The Electoral Commission South Australia uses a joint roll with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). The roll is maintained by the AEC.

You only need to complete the one form to enrol yourself for federal, state and council elections in South Australia.


You are eligible to enrol and vote if you:

  • are an Australian citizen, or a British subject who was enrolled on 25 January 1984*
  • are 18 years or older, and
  • have live at your address for at least one month.
* South Australian electors are eligible to enrol and vote if they were a British subject enrolled between 26 October 1983 and 25 January 1984 inclusive.

Direct enrolment and update

The AEC’s Federal Direct Enrolment and Update (FDEU) program is used to help some Australians meet their enrolment obligations by applying trusted third-party information directly, without the need for that person to complete an enrolment application.

However, it is ultimately the responsibility of individual eligible Australians to take action to enrol or update their enrolment.

Find out more information about direct enrolment on the Australian Electoral Commission's website.