District Council of Franklin Harbour - Area Councillor supplementary election results

FranklinCouncil Franklin Map, Detailed
Councillor (1 vacancy)
Voting closed in the supplementary election on Monday 24 February 2020.
Elected Candidate
Elected: DEER, Rachel Louise
Count Summary
Enrolled voters: 891
Envelopes returned: 533
Envelopes accepted: 514
Envelopes rejected: 19
Ballot papers not returned in envelope: 0
Formal Votes: 510
Informal Votes: 4
Voter participation: 533 (59.82% of the total enrolment)
Quota: 256
First preference votes
Below are the first preference votes received by the candidates in the order they appeared on the ballot paper. Percentages have been rounded to two decimal places.
Candidate First preference votes Percentage   
DEER, Rachel Louise 433 84.90%
GRIFFITHS, Daniel John 77 15.10%
Outcome of the election

As DEER, Rachel Louise obtained a number of first preference votes greater than the quota of 256 she has been declared elected.

To view the distribution of votes refer to the Scrutiny Report (XLS 58 kB).

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Authorised by M.Sherry, Electoral Commissioner