City of Onkaparinga - Mid Coast Ward

Councillor (1 vacancy)
Due to the resignation of a member of the Council, a supplementary election was held to fill the vacancy for Councillor for Mid Coast Ward.

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Ballot paper draw
Daily Returns
Count Summary
First preference votes
Distribution of preferences

Roll close 5pm, Tuesday 30 June 2020
Opening of nominations Thursday 23 July 2020
Nominations close 12 noon, Thursday 6 August 2020
Dispatch of ballot material to electors Tuesday 18 August 2020 to Monday 24 August 2020
Close of voting (Polling Day) 2 noon, Monday 7 September 2020
Scrutiny and count From 9am, Tuesday 8 September 2020  
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Ballot Paper Draw
The draw for ballot paper order for the City of Onkaparinga Mid Coast Ward was live streamed at 4pm on Thursday Thursday 6 August 2020.
A recording of the ballot paper draw is available on ECSA’s YouTube channel.
At the close of nominations at 12 noon on Thursday 6 August 2020, a total of 18 nominations were received and accepted for the supplementary election. In accordance with the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999, a draw was held after the close of nominations to determine the order in which names of candidates would appear on the ballot paper and the result of the draw was as follows:
 Profiles of each of these candidates are available by clicking their names above.
Daily Returns
Onkaparinga Mid Coast Ward8
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic ECSA have implemented several measures to minimise risk to staff. As a result, there will be a short delay with publication of returned ballot material statistics. Statistics will be publicised approximately 1 day after they are received by ECSA.
Count Summary
Enrolled voters:  23646
Envelopes returned:  3917
Envelopes accepted:  3817
Envelopes  rejected:  100
Ballot papers not returned in envelope:  2
Voter participation: 3917 (16.57% of the total enrolment)
Formal votes:  3790
Informal votes:  25
Quota:  1896
First preference votes
Below are the first preference votes received by the candidates in the order they appeared on the ballot paper. Percentages have been rounded to two decimal places.
Candidate First pref. votes Percentage 
RAYMOND, Krystal 214 5.65%
BROWN, Michael 112 2.96%
BHATIA, Shikasta 274 7.23%
TONKIN, Sue 347 9.16%
DE JONGE, Rob 418 11.03%
RHODES, Anne 190 5.01%
PILOT, Alema 137 3.61%
MUNRO, Luke 265 6.99%
COXON, Rebecca Jayne 131 3.46%
DEAKIN, Jon 234 6.17%
PLATTEN, Dan 421 11.11%
FOSSEY, Matthew 169 4.46%
MILEN, Rima Anne 198 5.22%
REITER, Joshua 27 0.71%
MERRITT, Heather 146 3.85%
HAMMOND, Alan J 98 2.59%
WAGNER, Kristy 117 3.09%
DIBDIN, Mark 292 7.70%
Distribution of preferences
After the distribution of preferences Sue TONKIN obtained 825 votes and was elected under quota.
To view the distribution of votes refer to the Results Data (906Kb PDF ).
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