Current State electoral district map

2014 District of Hammond map (PDF 1.53 MB)

2014 State election results

Electors on roll - 23 340
Formal ballot papers - 20 807 
Informal ballot papers - 697
Total ballot papers returned - 21 504 

2014 two party preferred vote
LIB - 64.6%
ALP - 35.4%

Members since first represented in 1997

Surname First Name Party Period
LEWIS Ivan P (Peter)

(1997 elected LIB, became IND July 2000,
CLIC June 2001)

1997 - 2006

 PEDERICK  Adrian S LIB  2006 -

LIB = Liberal Party of Australia
IND = Independent
CLIC = Community Leadership Independent Coalition


Hammond was created at the 1994 boundary redistribution and was contested for the first time at the 1997 elections.

Name origin: Ruby Florence Hammond (1936-1993) was the first South Australian Aboriginal person to stand for parliament. She was active in public affairs and served the general community and her own Aboriginal people - particularly in relation to policy formulation - with great note.

Size: Approximately 6 245 km²

Location: Includes the rural hinterland farming area of South Australia to the south-east of metropolitan Adelaide and includes the historic river port of Goolwa near the Murray Mouth and the City of Murray Bridge on the River Murray.

Key boundary changes compared to 2010: Hammond loses the Southern Mallee District Council and the remainder of The District Council of Karoonda East Murray.

2010 District of Hammond map (PDF 2.29 MB)

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