Assistance and accessibility

Help from a friend

You can bring someone with you to the polling booth to help you complete your ballot paper if you choose.

If you are voting by postal ballot and have difficulty filling out the ballot, you can ask a friend or relative to help you fill it in.

Staff assistance

Polling officials wear an easily identifiable blue vest. They are happy to provide any assistance you may require. If you need assistance from an official at any time just ask.

Priority voting for frail voters

If you are frail, have a disability, are suffering from an illness, are pregnant, or are experiencing any other medical condition which makes it difficult for you to stand in line at a polling booth, please notify one of the polling officials and they will escort you into the polling booth.

Wheelchair access

All polling booths are assessed for disability access. ECSA endeavours to secure fully accessible locations wherever possible. 

However, as the majority of polling booths are only hired for one day, the location of a polling booth is limited to whatever is available resulting in some booths not being fully accessible. 

In late January 2019 all eligible electors will be sent an EasyVote Card that lists your polling booths. 

Fully accessible means that a person in a wheelchair can independently enter and exit the booth.

Assisted access means that a person in a wheelchair may not be able to independently enter and exit the booth, but the booth can still be reasonably negotiated with assistance.


Voting outside the polling booth

If you have a disability or a medical condition that makes it hard for you to enter a polling booth, please talk to one of the people outside the polling booth and ask them to let the polling officials know.

The manager of a polling place can help you vote outside of the polling booth, including in your car.

Accessible information

We have EasyRead guides on enrolling and voting and the three levels of government in South Australia

Voting in hospital and aged care facilities

In the week before polling day, polling officials will visit hospitals and nursing homes to help you vote. 

To find out if your facility will be visited, please click here:

Declared Institutions

Information in other languages

We want to help all South Australians understand how to enrol and vote at by-elections, including people who do not speak English well or at all. Information about how to enrol and to vote in a by-election is available in 10 languages. Click on this link:

Information in other languages

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