Feedback and Complaints

Electoral Commission of South Australia (ECSA) values all feedback to ensure continuous improvement to our processes and practices. 

You are welcome to provide feedback or make a complaint about the service you have received from ECSA or our products.

Service Complaint

You can provide feedback or lodge a complaint about our services by:

Online: Feedback and Complaint
In writing postal address: GPO Box 646 Adelaide SA 5001
Telephone:  1300 655 232 (within SA) or +61 8 7424 7400
Face to face: Level 6, 60 Light Square Adelaide SA 5001

Election Complaints

To make a formal complaint about an electoral offence under the Electoral Act 1985, the complaint must be submitted in writing in either of the following ways:

The complaint must establish the facts which are the basis of the allegation and be supported by evidence of the alleged electoral offence.

If sufficient evidence is not submitted, we will seek further information to enable proper assessment of the complaint.  The matter will remain on hold until we have the information.

What can you expect from us

  • Where contact details are provided we will acknowledge all feedback and complaints within 5 business days.
  • We aim to resolve most issues within 5 business days
  • Election Complaints regarding alleged breaches of the Electoral Act 1985 may take up to 2 weeks to resolve.
  • The investigation of complaints of a legal nature or where there is the likelihood of prosecution action, may extend the resolution for some months.
  • We will treat all matters in a fair, unbiased and objective manner. You will not be adversely affected if you make a complaint.
  • Any personal information provided in the course of managing feedback, compliments or complaints will be managed in accordance with relevant legal and policy requirements. 
  • We will be clear about how a complaint has been resolved. Where a complaint remains unresolved or cannot be resolved satisfactorily, we will provide information about how our handling of a complaint can be reviewed or appealed.

For more information about how ECSA manages feedback and complains please refer to our Feedback, Compliments and Complaints Policy.

Confidential treatment of complaints

The Electoral Commissioner treats complaints confidentially, and does not identify the complainant to the alleged offender. In rare circumstances, the Electoral Commissioner may disclose the identities involved to both parties. Such circumstances typically occur where there exists a likelihood of conflicting evidence relied upon; or where one or more of the parties involved, publicise the matter.

Where the parties involved in a complaint have publicised the matter, the Electoral Commissioner may confirm the existence of a complaint with the media, but will not discuss the details of the complaint.

The Electoral Commissioner may make public comments (such as to the media) following a successful prosecution or Court of Disputed Returns, in order to ensure electors are aware of a situation and or have accurate information.

Still not satisfied?

If the matter is still not resolved to your satisfaction then you can contact Ombudsman SA.

The Ombudsman is available to assist people who have complaints against the administrative actions of Government of South Australia departments or agencies, and can be contacted via the Ombudsman SA website or by phoning 08 8226 8699 or 1800 182 150 (country SA toll free).

Please be aware that if you have not attempted to resolve the issue with us, then the Ombudsman may request that you do so before it formally records and/or investigates your complaint.

Note: Matters concerning the conduct and practice of public officers and public authorities in South Australian public administration, specifically corruption, misconduct and maladministration, can be reported via the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC).

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