2018 State election – independent candidates

Applications to register a political party to endorse candidates for the 2018 State election have now closed.

You may still lodge an application to register a political party; however, the Electoral Commissioner will not be able to determine the application until after the election.

If you have missed the deadline for registration of your political party, you will still be able to nominate independent candidates for the 2018 State election.

Candidate nominations will open following the issue of the Writ for the election, and can be lodged between Monday 19 February and 12 noon Monday 26 February 2018.

Any person who is an elector and meets the qualifications under section 52 of the Electoral Act 1985 may nominate as a candidate. For more information on nominating as a candidate, please see our House of Assembly nominations page and Legislative Council nominations page.

Further information for intending candidates will be made available leading up to the election.






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