Attention Campaigners - 2019 by-elections

Are you intending to spend more than $10,000 campaigning during the period 2 January 2019 to 11 March 2019? If so, you may be considered a third party campaigner under the funding and disclosure provisions of the Electoral Act 1985 (the Act). Third parties have funding and disclosure obligations.

A ‘third party’ is defined in section 130A of the Act as a person who incurs or intends to incur more than $10,000 in political expenditure during the designated period of an election, excluding:

  • A Member of the House of Assembly or Legislative Council.
  • The Crown (including a public sector agency within the meaning of the Public Sector Act 2009).
  • A registered political party, group or candidate.
  • A person engaged in a broadcasting service (within the meaning of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (Commonwealth) or a datacasting service.
  • The publisher of a journal (including a journal published in electronic form on the internet).

The designated period for the 2019 Cheltenham and Enfield by-elections commences on 2 January 2019 and ends on 11 March 2019.

Political expenditure is defined in section 130A of the Act as expenditure incurred:

  • For the purposes of the public expression of views on a political party, a candidate or a Member of Parliament, by any means.
  • For the purposes of the public expression of views on an issue in an election, by any means.
  • For the purposes of the production of any political material that is required under sections 112, 115A and 116 to include the name and address of the author or the person who takes responsibility for the publication of the material.
  • For the purposes of carrying out an opinion poll, or other research, relating to an election or the voting intentions of electors.
  • For any other prescribed purpose or expenditure of a prescribed kind.

For more guidance on the meaning of political expenditure, refer to our Political Expenditure Guide.

For more information about third party obligations, please refer to our Third Party By-election Guide or contact the Funding, Disclosure and Registration Branch on 7424 7400.

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Authorised by M.Sherry, Electoral Commissioner