Attention Independent HA Candidates 2018

If you intend to nominate as an independent candidate for a House of Assembly district in the 2018 State election, then please note the deadline for lodgement of your public funding certificate.

Public Funding

Part 13A of the Electoral Act 1985 (the Act) establishes a public funding scheme in which candidates, groups and registered political parties may apply for public funding of their election campaigns.

You may apply to participate in the public funding scheme by lodging a certificate with the Electoral Commissioner pursuant to section 130Y of the Act. Your agent is responsible for lodging a 130Y certificate on your behalf.  If you have not formally appointed an agent yet, then you (the candidate) are your own agent.

For more information about the public funding scheme, please see our Applying for public funding page.

Deadline for lodgement of the 130Y certificate

The deadline for independent candidates depends on whether you are a ‘new candidate’ or not.

A ‘new candidate’ is a person who has not been a candidate in an election since 16 March 2013.

If you do not fall within the definition of a ‘new candidate’, then your deadline for lodgement of the 130Y certificate has already passed.

If you are a ‘new candidate’, your deadline for lodgement of the 130Y certificate is by 5.00pm on:

  • 1 July 2017, or
  • the day your ‘disclosure period’ commences if your ‘disclosure period’ commences after 1 July 2017.

The ‘disclosure period’ for a ‘new candidate’ commences on the earliest of either:

  • the day you announce your intention to stand as a candidate for the election, or
  • the day you lodge your nomination form (nominations will be open from 19 – 26 February 2018).

This means that new candidates who plan to publicly announce their intention to stand must ensure that they lodge their 130Y certificate before 5pm on the day they make the announcement.

The 130Y certificate can be downloaded on our Forms page.

Candidates who have missed their 130Y deadline

If you have missed the deadline for lodgement of the 130Y certificate, then you will not be able to participate in the public funding scheme for the 2018 State election. The Electoral Commissioner does not have any powers to extend deadlines.

For more information, please contact the Funding, Disclosure & Registration Branch on 7424 7400.



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Authorised by M.Sherry, Electoral Commissioner