Frequently asked questions about the by-elections

Frequently asked questions about the by-elections

Over the past few weeks our call center has received hundreds of phone calls a day about the by-elections.

The top five most popular questions are:

1. What is this by-election?

Two members of the House of Assembly (Mr Jay Weatherill and Mr John Rau) have retired from Parliament. These by-elections are to elect new members for the state districts of Cheltenham and Enfield.

2. Do I have to vote?

Yes. If you are enrolled in the district of Cheltenham or Enfield it is compulsory to vote. You can check your enrolment and district instantly online at

3. What’s my closest polling booth?

Visit our interactive map and type in your address

4. Where can I vote early?

The addresses and opening hours of our early voting centres are available at…/cheltenham-and-enfield-by-election

5. Do I have to take my EasyVote Card?

It is not compulsory to take your EasyVote Card but if you do it will make the voting process faster.



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