Interim Donations Report

2018 State Election - Interim Donations Report - Period 1 January - 28 February 2018


2018 State Election

Interim Donations Report

Period 1 January – 28 February 2018


1.    Introduction

This report provides a summary of donations made during the period 1 January – 28 February 2018.

Basis for preparation of report:

·         Data was obtained from the Funding and Disclosure Portal.

·         Gifts described as ‘membership fees’ and ‘sponsorships’ have been excluded. 

·         Federal gifts have been excluded. Some donors have reported Federal gifts. Under the South Australian funding and disclosure scheme, registered political parties are only required to disclose donations and amounts received for State electoral purposes (section 130C of the Electoral Act 1985).

·         Separate gift amounts are shown as a total amount for each donor.

·         The Electoral Commission has made some assumptions to reconcile duplicate gift entries which appear on the portal.

The Electoral Commission does not guarantee the accuracy of this report. For more accurate information and further donation details, please visit the Funding and Disclosure Portal to view the returns lodged by donors and gift recipients.


2.    Donations received

Australian Conservatives (SA)

Australian Hotels Association


Australian Banking Association




Australian Labor Party (South Australian Branch)

Shop Distributive & Allied Employees Association


Transport Workers Union


National Pharmacies


Hawker Britton


United Voice


Edward Hughes


Gerry Kandelaars


Lee Odenwalder


Australian Manufacturing Workers Union


SouthPaw Social Club


Wright Developments


Chris Picton


Balgra Shopping Centre Management





Danig Party of Australia (SA Division)


Gabor Gesti



Liberal Democratic Party


Liberal Democratic Party (National)


 Liberal Party of Australia (SA Division)

Mrs A. Irwin


John Kain


National Pharmacies


Dan van Holst Pellakaan


Ian Wall


Pamela Wall


Grant Kelley





Nick Xenophon’s SA-BEST Inc

BBX Financial Solutions Pty Ltd


Cartwheel Resources Pty Ltd




 SA Progressive Business

Alinta Servco





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Authorised by M.Sherry, Electoral Commissioner