Legislative reform bill introduced in Parliament

The Electoral Commission SA’s (ECSA) 2018 State Election Report recommended a range of reforms to the way in which elections are run, with many requiring legislative change.

ECSA welcomes the Electoral (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2020, which was introduced to the House of Assembly last week (to be debated at a future date). The Bill contains many of the reforms ECSA put forward in its Report.

Should the reforms be agreed to by the Parliament, ECSA will be able to streamline the voter experience and make voting more accessible with initiatives such as:

  • Allowing you to vote at an early voting centre if it’s convenient for you (without needing a reason). 
  • Allowing you to apply for a postal vote over the phone or online.
  • The flexibility to allow us to send out mobile polling teams to offer voting services at sporting events, festivals, homeless shelters, places of worship and so on.

Details on how these changes will modernise the electoral process can be found in ECSA’s 2018 State Election Report

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