New publication

Enrolling and voting information for Indigenous South Australians.

Electoral Commission SA has produced a range of resources for Aboriginal and indigenous South Australians. These resources including a new publication designed and printed by Dreamtime Public Relations a local South Australian Aboriginal company. In addition, Electoral Commission SA has also produced instructions on how to fill out your ballot paper and a new storyboard in both Pitjantjatjara and in English. Electoral Commission SA believes in engaging and empowering all South Australians in exercising their electoral responsibilities.

The meaning behind the design in our Enrolling and voting information for Indigenous South Australians:

The pathways represent the path to choice. The ‘U’ symbol with a line is a person hunting, meaning prosperity, taking care of oneself and others, the building of a community. Emu tracks are also visible, helping reinforce this meaning. There are several circles with dots around, which represent stars and future thought. The small coloured concentric circles represent meeting places, connected by pathways, which represent a coming together of peoples, making plans, sharing and discussing ideas. Together these symbols represent the unity of how our choices affect others.

Download the new publication: Enrolling and voting information for Indigenous South AustraliansPDF

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