Public Funding Deadline – By-elections

The Electoral Act 1985 provides a public funding scheme in which candidates may be entitled to funding as reimbursement of political expenditure.

 To participate in the scheme, candidates must lodge a section 130Y certificate before the deadline.  Participants of the scheme are subject to capped limits on their political expenditure.

New candidates (who have not previously been a candidate for a House of Assembly election any time in the past five years, or a Legislative Council election any time in the past nine years) who wish to participate in the scheme, must lodge the certificate:

  • on the day they announce their intention to stand as a candidate for the election, or
  • on the day they lodge their nomination form

(whichever is earlier)


  • those who are not new candidates, and
  • registered political party agents lodging certificates for endorsed candidates,

the deadline for lodging the certificate is: on or before 5 pm on the day on which the vacancy giving rise to the election is announced in the House of Assembly by, or on behalf of, the Speaker.

The certificate template can be here.

A Public Funding Information Sheet can be downloaded here.

For more information about public funding, please contact the Funding, Disclosure & Registration Branch on 7424 7400.

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