Request a reissue of your voting pack

Voting packs can be re-issued to electors who claim that the original material was not received, destroyed or lost, spoiled, or issued for an incorrect ward. 

An elector who wants a re-issue pack, must first download and complete the  'Request for Re-Issue of Voting Material' form that can be accessed here:

LG12a - Request for Re-Issue of Voting Material - Elector (PDF  623 kB )

LG12b - Request for Re-Issue of Voting Material - Body Corporate / Group (PDF  500 kB )

Return completed forms via

Email to: 

Post: GPO Box 646, Adelaide SA 5001

Voting packs may also be issued to electors who claim to have been omitted from the council voters roll due to an administrative error. 

LG11a Natural Person (PDF 520 kB)

LG11b Body Corp or Group (PDF 539 kB)

Voting pack phone enquiries: 1300 655 232

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