2024 APY Executive Board Elections

The Executive Board is the governing body of the Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. Every 3 years the APY Executive Board elections are held to elect members to the Board. The Board consists of 14 members. There are 7 electorates within the APY Lands and a male and a female will be elected to represent each electorate on the APY Executive Board. The Board handles things like roads, buildings, mining, and other important matters for the community.


Enrolment: Closed on Wednesday 15 May 2024

Enrol to vote

On Wednesday 21 August 2024, you can vote for who will represent you on the APY Executive Board.

To vote, you must have your name on the electoral roll. Enrolment closed at 5pm on Wednesday 15 May 2024.

Enrolment criteria:

  • must be Aṉangu,
  • have your name on the electoral roll within your electorate and live in your electorate; and
  • be at least 18 years of age on polling day.


Check your enrolment

You can check your current electoral enrolment by entering your details on the AEC's website using the link below.

Check my enrolment

Enrol online

To enrol for the first time or get back on the roll, you can enrol online.

Enrol online

Update your enrolment details

Update online

When you move house, or if you change your name, you must update your details on the electoral roll. You can also update or correct other personal details.

Update online

Complete a paper form

To get a paper form, visit your nearest Aṉangu school or TAFE or download the fillable PDF and print.

If you fill out a paper form, you must return it by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download fillable PDF for printing

Nominations: Closed on Wednesday 5 June 2024


Nominations opened on Wednesday 29 May and closed at 4pm Wednesday 5 June 2024.

Nominating gives you a chance to be a leader in your community.

Listen in English

Listen in Pitjantjatjara

Nomination criteria

To nominate you:

  • must be Aṉangu,
  • have your name on the electoral roll (by Wednesday 15 May 2024) within your electorate and live in your electorate,
  • be at least 18 years of age on polling day; and
  • be a person of good character. We will arrange a police check of your background. You are not eligible if you have been found guilty of a serious offence in the last 10 years.

Nomination process

Complete with an electoral officer

An eligible person can nominate with the assistance of an electoral officer at an Aṉangu school listed below, or in-person at the Electoral Commission of South Australia (ECSA) office (Level 6, 60 Light Square Adelaide SA 5000).

  • Pipalyatjara Aṉangu School
  • Murputja Education Centre
  • Amata Aṉangu School
  • Fregon Aṉangu School
  • Ernabella Aṉangu School
  • Mimili Aṉangu School
  • Indulkana Aṉangu School

When you go to nominate you must have proof of identity — this might be your driver’s license, or other cards that have your name.

The electoral officer at the school/ECSA office can help you to complete the forms and can take your photo if required.

Electoral officers are required to:

  • Explain to prospective candidates how they can nominate and assist them to complete the Nomination Form (Form 2 - PDF 134KB) and National Police Check Application Form (Form 3 - PDF 208KB),
  • Take a digital photograph of any candidates (predominately head and shoulders) who do not have one of their own for nomination purposes — photos will be printed on ballot papers where elections are required,
  • Receive and check candidate nomination forms and provide candidates an Offences under the Act form (Form 4 - PDF 141KB),
  • Once the nomination paperwork is in order, the electoral officer will scan and email to ECSA; and
  • After the police check period, ECSA will make a declaration of nominations to confirm eligible candidates for the elections.

Complete yourself

You will be required to:

Withdrawal of nomination

A person can withdraw their nomination by completing a Withdrawal Form (Form 6 - PDF 96KB) and handing it to an electoral officer up until the close of nominations.

A person cannot withdraw their nomination after the close of nominations at 4pm Wednesday 5 June 2024.

Declaration of nominations

On Wednesday 21 July 2024, If two or more people nominate, electoral officers will hold an election on Wednesday 21 August 2024.

Following police checks, ECSA will make a declaration of nominations to confirm eligible candidates for the elections.

Voting will be open from 9:30am to 3pm Central Standard Time (CST).

Voting: Wednesday 21 August 2024


To vote you must be enrolled.

Voting day for the 2024 APY Executive Board elections is Wednesday 21 August 2024. Voting will be open from 9:30am to 3pm Central Standard Time (CST).

When you vote you will choose one male and one female for your electorate.

More information on voting locations will be shared closer to the election. 


Other information: