Elected candidates
Elected 1  Enzo Caroscio
Elected 2  Dario Salvatore
Elected 3  Sarah Burge


This result was determined under the proportional representation system of counting as required under the regulations.

During the counting and distribution of votes, candidate Jock Smylie was excluded and the remaining two candidates contesting the final vacancy, Simon Frost and Sarah Burge were tied with 57 votes. At the last preceding count, candidate Simon Frost had obtained 53 votes and candidate Sarah Burge had obtained 55 votes.

Therefore, as candidate Sarah Burge had obtained a larger number of votes at the last preceding count she was elected, pursuant to Clause 2(k) of the regulations, and the outcome of the election was as follows:

Candidates First Preference Votes Elected/Excluded Votes at Election/Exclusion
SALVATORE, Dario 53 Elected 2 59
FROST, Simon 38   57
CAROSCIO, Enzo 82 Elected 1 59
BURGE, Sarah 34 Elected 3 Countback 57
SMYLIE, Jock 28 Excluded 31

More information

For more information, visit the Architectural Practice Board of South Australia ,
or refer to the 
Architectural Practice Act 2009  and the Architectural Practice (Election) Regulations 2010 .