Council elections

The most recent periodic council elections were held in November 2014. The next council elections will take place during November 2018.

In South Australia, council elections are held every four years for all 68 councils except the Municipal Council of Roxby Downs, which operates under its own administration.

Council elections allow voters the opportunity to choose who they wish to represent them on council.

For more information about council elections, including who is eligible to vote and how the elections are conducted, visit our council election facts page.

Supplementary elections

Supplementary elections may occur when a position becomes vacant within a council. A vacancy can occur due to death, illness, resignation, or any other circumstances outlined in section 54(1) of the Local Government Act 1999.

There are upcoming supplementary elections in the following councils: The timetables for these elections are available at:

To view information about candidates in a council election, including supplementary elections, visit the Local Government Association.


Results of council elections are available on our past council election results page.

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