The Electoral Commission of South Australia conducted a plebiscite in the District Council of Grant and the City of Mount Gambier that asked voters whether they agree, or not, that an amalgamation of their councils should be examined.

A separate ballot paper was included in the 2022 Council Elections ballot pack that voters received. 

The purpose of the non-binding plebiscite is to obtain voters' views on the proposition. The Government is not compelled to take action following the outcome of the plebiscite.


District Council of Grant

Ward Yes No Informal Total
Central   219 2,254 7 2,480
Tarpeena  42 297 2 341
Port MacDonnell 17 362 1 380
Total 278  2,913 10  3,201


City of Mount Gambier

Council Yes No Informal Total
Mount Gambier  2,663 4,041 40  6,744