State elections


For the 2018 State Election, 1,201,775 South Australians were enrolled to vote. 

The number of electors enrolled within each district is available at this link:  

How to complete your ballot papers

For more information about how to vote, and to try our practice ballots, visit:

Electoral districts

At the 2018 State Election, around 400,000 people (or one third of all South Australian electors) moved district, and a further 81,000 electors have not moved but found themselves living in a different electoral district as a result of name changes to seven districts. These changes resulted from a review of district boundaries by the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission, and took effect on polling day, 17 March 2018. To learn more about districts you can use our interactive map, access downloadable copies of district maps and look at our district profiles. For more information, see:

About ECSA

The Electoral Commissioner of South Australia has overall responsibility for the conduct of the State Election. The person in charge of running the election in each district is the Returning Officer.

As detailed in its Strategic Plan 2017-20, ECSA’s three core values are independence, professionalism and innovation. You can read more about our commitment to South Australian electors and how these values were reflected at the Election in our 2018 State Election Service Charter.

Past state elections results and reports

For information about past state elections, view our State Election and statistics reports, or past State Election results.

Staying up to date

There are a range of way you can stay updated on the latest State Election news:

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