2018-2022 electoral district map


Features of the district


Gibson is a seaside residential district to the south-west of the City of Adelaide, extending on its western side down Gulf St Vincent from Somerton Gardens to South Brighton on the west, and on its western side down Marion Road.


Approximately 15.10 km2


Gibson includes the suburbs of Brighton, Dover Gardens, Hove, Marion, North Brighton, Oaklands Park, Seacombe Gardens, South Brighton, Sturt and Warradale. It also includes part of the suburb of Somerton Park.


This district, formerly named Bright, was created at the 2016 electoral redistribution and will be first represented in 2018.

Origin of the name

The district takes its name from Gladys Ruth Gibson CBE (1901 – 1972) who was a prominent South Australian educationalist and women’s activist in the mid-twentieth century. As an educationalist, Gibson was a teacher, inspector of schools, member of the Public Examinations Board, foundation member of the Australian College of Education, founder of St Ann’s College, University of Adelaide, and president of the South Australian University Women Graduate’s Association. As a women’s activist, Gibson was South Australian president of the National Council of Women, president of the Australian National Council of Women, and vice-president of the International Council of Women.

Key boundary changes compared to 2014

Gibson gains the suburbs of Dover Gardens, Marion, Oaklands Park, Seacombe Gardens, Sturt and Warradale, and part of the suburb of Somerton Park. Gibson loses the suburbs of Hallett Cove, Kingston Park, Marino, Seacliff and Seacliff Park, and part of the suburb of Somerton Park.

For full details see 2016 Report of the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (PDF 1.8 MB).

Representation and results

Members since first represented in 2018
Corey Wingard LIB 2018 –
Members of former electoral district of Bright (during its existence, 1985 – 2018)
Derek J. Robertson ALP 1985 – 1989
Wayne A. Matthew LIB 1989 – 2006
Chloe C. Fox ALP 2006 – 2014
David Speirs LIB 2014 – 2018

Election results

2018 State Election results
2014 State Election results (former electoral district of Bright)
2010 State Election results (former electoral district of Bright)