Enrol to vote

 To enrol, you must complete an electoral enrolment form. You can do this:

  • online through the Australian Electoral Commission's enrol to vote (external link) page, or
  • by completing a paper form.

Enrolling covers you for all state, federal and local government elections.


To enrol to vote for the first time you can:

Enrol online (external link) 

This is an external link to the Australian Electoral Commission. For any questions about the online enrolment system, call 13 23 26.

 Paper form

 If you do not want to change your details online, you may get an enrol to vote or update your details form:

  • From an Australian Electoral Commission office (external link).
  • At the Electoral Commission SA office located at Level 6, 60 Light Square, Adelaide.
  • By calling us on 1300 655 232 to request a form be sent to you.

Return the form in one of the following ways:

Post (no stamp required) to:
Australian Electoral Commission
Reply Paid 9867

Fax02 6293 7684

Scan and upload to:
the Australian Electoral Commission's return my signed form page.

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