Candidate Disendorsement Information Sheet (PDF 450 KB) 
FAD Portal Guide Party Agents (PDF 2.1 MB) 
FAD Portal Guide - Associated Entities (PDF 1.8 MB) 
FAD Portal Guide Candidate or Group Agents (PDF 1.9 MB) 
FAD Portal Guide Third Party (PDF 2.2 MB) 
Foreign Person - Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (PDF 480 KB) 
Gifts and Loans Guide (PDF 593 KB) 
Guidance note - Disclosure Aggregation Rules (PDF 390 KB)
Guidance note - Opinion Polls, Budget Costings and Policy Preparation (PDF 370 KB) 
Guidance note - Political Party Returns - Reporting Gifts and Loans to Endorsed Candidates (PDF 380 KB) 
Guidance note - Political Expenditure - Goods or Services Provided Free of Charge or Discounted (PDF 380 KB) 
Guidance note - Reporting Debts Over $5,000 (PDF 371 KB) 
Guidance note - Donations - Volunteer Labour and Gifts of Employee Labour (PDF 288 KB) 
Political Expenditure Guide (PDF 416 KB) 
Prescribed Particulars Guide (PDF 132 KB) 
State Campaign Account Info Sheet for Registered Political Parties (PDF 578 KB) 

2022 State Election

Election Funding Guide - Unendorsed Candidates, Groups and Newly Registered Political Parties (PDF 184 KB) 
Funding, Disclosure & Registration - 2022 State Election Timetable (PDF 239 KB) 

2018 State Election

Associated Entity Guide (PDF 833 KB) 
Capped Expenditure Period Return Guide - Candidates & Groups (PDF 733 KB) 
Capped Expenditure Period Return Guide - Registered Political Parties (PDF 779 KB) 
Capped Expenditure Period Return Guide - Third Parties (PDF 684 KB) 
Funding and Disclosure 2018 State Election Timeline (PDF 584 KB) 
RO14 Public Funding Guide (PDF 1.1 MB)
RO 15 Registered Political Party Agent Guide (PDF 1.1 MB)
RO 16A Sheet for Endorsed Candidates (House of Assembly) (PDF 614 KB) 
RO 16B Funding and Disclosure guide Unendorsed Candidates House of Assembly (PDF 296 KB) 
RO 16C Public Funding Info Sheet for Unendorsed Candidates (House of Assembly) (PDF 605 KB) 
RO 17A Info Sheet for Endorsed Candidates (Legislative Council) (PDF 608 KB) 
RO 17B Unendorsed Candidates Guide - Legislative Council (PDF 961 KB) 
RO 17C Public Funding Info Sheet for Unendorsed Candidates (Legislative Council) (PDF 661 KB) 
Third Party Guide (PDF 836 KB)