This information is for Members of Parliament.

For more information, refer to Part 13A of the Electoral Act 1985.

Obligations of a Member of Parliament

Current Members of Parliament do not have any funding and disclosure obligations. However, if you are seeking to be re-elected and nominate as a candidate in an election, then you will have obligations as a candidate. For more information, please visit our page for Candidates.

Public funding scheme

To participate in the public funding scheme for an election, a Member of Parliament must lodge a certificate under section 130Y. Unendorsed Members of Parliament and unendorsed groups who have at least one Member of Parliament must lodge their certificates 24 months before polling day for a general election in which they intend to nominate. The agent of a registered political party will lodge the 130Y certificate on behalf of endorsed Members. Once lodged a certificate cannot be withdrawn. For more information, visit our Applying for public funding page.

Expenditure caps apply if you opt-in to the public funding scheme (section 130Z). For more information, visit our Political expenditure caps page.