Obligations of a member of parliament

Current members of parliament do not have any funding and disclosure obligations. However, if you are seeking re-election and nominate as a candidate in an election, then you will have obligations as a candidate. For more information, please visit our candidate's page.

Public funding scheme

To participate in the public funding scheme for an election, a member of parliament must lodge a certificate under section 130Y. Unendorsed members of parliament and unendorsed groups who have at least one member of parliament must lodge their certificates 24 months before polling day for a general election in which they intend to nominate. The agent of a registered political party will lodge the 130Y certificate on behalf of endorsed members. Once lodged, a certificate cannot be withdrawn. For more information see applying for public funding.

Expenditure caps apply if you opt into the public funding scheme (section 130Z). For more information see political expenditure caps.

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