Local Government


Title Date File Size File Type  
Ballot paper formality 04-11-2014 261.65 KB pdf Download
Campaign Donations Return Form (LG2) 08-11-2012 526.51 KB pdf Download
Complaints protocol for Council elections 08-11-2012 116.21 KB pdf Download
Final results for City of Tea Tree Gully Steventon Ward 02-03-2018 417.96 KB pdf Download
Final Results for The Flinders Ranges Council 02-03-2018 414.32 KB pdf Download
Local Government in South Australia 23-10-2014 693.63 KB pdf Download
Proportional Representation Booklet 01-07-2010 548.95 KB pdf Download
Proportional Representation Flowchart 01-07-2010 104.7 KB pdf Download
Provisional Results for City of Tea Tree Gully 28-02-2018 418.65 KB pdf Download
Provisional results The Flinders Ranges - two Area Councillors 27-02-2018 415.24 KB pdf Download
Undertaking an Elector Representation Review - Guidelines For Councils 11-05-2016 710.26 KB pdf Download

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