Part 13A (the funding, expenditure and disclosure provisions) was inserted into the Electoral Act 1985 on 1 July 2015.

Part 13A establishes a funding and disclosure scheme which provides for:

  • Administrative funding of eligible registered political parties.
  • Public funding of election campaigns of candidates, groups and registered political parties.
  • Disclosure of financial information relating to candidates, groups, registered political parties, their associated entities and third parties who engage in campaigning during an election. The financial information is made available for public inspection.

The objects of the funding and disclosure scheme are to:

  • enhance public confidence in the electoral process by fairly and effectively regulating matters relating to electoral funding, expenditure and disclosure;
  • to promote integrity and accountability in the electoral process by providing for –
    • public funding of elections; and
    • caps on political expenditure;
  • to ensure transparency in political donations;
  • to promote participation in the electoral process by any elector (including an elector of limited means).

From January 2018, disclosures can be lodged and viewed on the funding and disclosure portal. Pre-January 2018 hardcopy returns can be viewed in the public inspection section.

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